– Long-term warranty
– Supplied in global markets
– Applicable for PM-motors and induction motors
– High-pole-number PM-motors control
– Unique technology
– Full compatibility even at high frequency
– Parallel processing using a powerful FPGA, product of Intel, U.S.
– Compatible with all encoders (for PM-motors and induction motors)

Power: 7.5kW, 11kW, 15kW
Current: 18A, 24A, 32A
Input Voltage: 3 Phase 380V (50-60 Hz)
Output Voltage: 3 Phase, 0~380V - 0~200 Hz
Control Methods: V/F Control, Open-Loop Control, Closed-Loop Vector Control, Closed- Loop Vector Control PM
Accessories: 7-seg display, Graphic display, Encoders: Incremental, Sinusoidal and EnDat, IO 110 compatible, IO Modbus compatible
0~100 Hz: Speed/ frequency Control

Digital panel: Frequency adjustment

0.01 Hz: Frequency adjustment accuracy

Protective Features

  • Over-current protection
  • External short-circuit protection

  • Motor overload detection and protect the drive beyond the adjusted time and current (maximum 150% of nominal current in 90 seconds)

  • DC-link over-voltage protection

  • DC-link voltage-drop protection

  • Stall prevention during acceleration 

  • Limiting the drive current when the heat-sink temperature increases beyond the limit
  • Motor over-speed protection 

  • Immediate terminate of all drive outputs at Base Block stop.

Other Features

  • Position control at the start and end of travel, anti roll-back 

  • Short floor operation and separate settings for start and stop’s speed curves
  • Smart emergency rescue operation with optimal direction detection
  • Can operate on single-phase voltage for 220V type motors

  • Torque compensation

  • Accurate estimation of motor slip in open-loop control and accurate output frequency and voltage adjustment 

  • Automated static parameter identification 

  • Stationary encoder offset detection 

  • Four output relays : programmable 

  • Base block

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