– Single-phase performance identical to the three-phase mode (without voltage drop at nominal
– Affordable
– Smooth and vibration-free operation
– Precision level stop
– Closed-loop vector control without addition of encoder cards
– Identifying the optimal travel path in rescue mode

Power: 7.5kW
Current: 18A
Input Voltage: Single Phase 220V/ 3 Phase 380V (50-60 Hz) 

Output Voltage: 3 Phase, 0~380V - 0~200 Hz
Control Methods: V/F Control, Open-Loop Control, Closed-Loop Vector Control

Accessories: 7-seg display
0~100 Hz: Speed/ frequency Control 

Digital panel, Modbus: Frequency adjustment 

0.1 Hz: Frequency adjustment accuracy

Protective Features

  • Over-current protection

  • External short-circuit protection

  • Overload detection and protect the drive beyond the adjusted time and current (maximum 150% of nominal current in 90 seconds)

  • Drive shutdown in the case of exceeding the allowable DC bus voltage

  • Drive shutdown in the case of dropping below the allowable DC bus voltage

  • Limiting the drive current when the heat-sink temperature increases beyond the limit
  • Motor over-speed protection

  • Immediate terminate of all drive outputs at Base Block stop

Other Features

  • Position control and DC injection at the start and end of travel

  • Up-time and commands logging

  • Separate settings for start and stop and speed curves
  • Increase or Decrease of torque detection
  • Torque compensation

  • Accurate estimation of motor slip in open-loop control and accurate output frequency and voltage adjustment 

  • Automated static calculation of motor parameters

  • Two Output Relays: programmable

  • Tow digital outputs : programmable

  • Eight digital inputs: six of them are programmable

  • Modbus compatible

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